“God Pays Attention to You!”

“…but to this one I will look…” Isaiah 66:2

Have you ever felt lost in a crowd? I remember in my youth having the opportunity to attend a professional football game. The old Mile High Stadium in Denver could seat nearly 77,000 people! And I will tell you that there was not an empty seat in the house. So here I am wedged amongst this monstrous crowd of people and I know exactly two other people, the one sitting directly to my left and right. And believe this or not, but in those youthful days, I was a bit of an introvert with a pretty small self-esteem. So, when I say I seriously felt lost in a crowd, I  literally mean, I was an unrecognizable, infinitesimal, speck in a tremendous sea of orange.

But this is not the way of it with the Lord, for He is constantly looking upon those who have put their confidence in Him. Isaiah 66:2 is powerful in this regard. The prophet writes, For My hand made all these things, thus all these things came into being, declares the Lord. But to this one I look, to him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.

Let us unpack these words a bit: First, look is more than a passing glance. It describes someone who shows regard for another, who esteems them highly, and then special attention to them. This resonates with me; when you feel insignificant and lost in the crowd, God only sees you. Earlier Isaiah declared that God writes you name on the palm of His hand; that a nursing mother may forget the child she is feeding but God will never forget you; that He considers His people the apple of His eye. David often found comfort in this reality, that even though the world was squeezing in around him, God was near, watching and guiding every step he took.

Second, begins a short list of character qualities that define those who are determined to pursue a life with God. Humble describes a person who realizes that they are deeply dependent on God, unworthy in and of themselves to come into His presence, and who own everything they have to God. A humble person by definition is not pretentious, demanding, or self-sufficient. They draw their life from Christ and the Spirit He has given. They recognize the truth of John 15:5 that apart from Him we can do nothing! And we are ok with that!! In fact, we prefer it that way. This God-dependence is what sustains us in the valley’s, dark places, and feeling lost in that sea of orange.

Next Isaiah says contrite of spirit which literally means crippled or smitten, often the result of an accident or attack. So, applying it to the spirit, such a person realizes that they need help because they know they cannot make it on their own. The word parallels humble so closely that we understand that a humble person is therefore contrite. If you are completely dependent upon God, you will abandon all efforts at independence or self-dependence.

Finally, a rather ominous phrase ends the verse, who trembles at My word. Such a person has a high regard for what God ahs to say and deeply respects it. They will take it seriously, internalize it, make it a part of their world-view, and then implement it into daily thinking and action. They choose to spend time in God’s word, not as a necessary to-do check list, but as yearning to feed on God’s truth. They learn to discipline their lives so that they can hear the voice of God, even the small whisper, as Elijah did at the cave after the storm. Such a person lives their life for an audience of One.

Let these words of Isaiah soak into your mind and heart. Allow them to inform your journey. And remember, that you are never lost and alone in the crowd!!!


Blessings on the Journey,

Pastor Dewayne